8-Liner Bust in Amarillo

Officers were busy in Amarillo tonight loading 8-liners onto a truck after busting a local gaming spot.

Potter County is trying to shut down gambling in our area, and they are doing it one business at a time. They are hoping today's bust sends a message to other gaming establishments in our area.

"I'd tell anyone interested in playing 8-liners any 8-liner business in Potter County is suspect, and I have yet to see one of these operations operate both legally and profitably," says Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney.

47 8-liners were wheeled onto trucks from Jesters alone. And each of those machines can be profitable for Potter County.

"If as we plan, there are further gambling investigations and prosecutions that money can be used to help defray those costs, so it helps take some of the load of taxpayers when we do that," says Brumley.

Brumley says aces gaming off I-40 and Ross may be the county's next target.

"They are on notice that what happen to Jesters may happen to them, so we'll see how they chose to progress from this point," says Brumley.

Brumley says if people are going to gamble they should go to Oklahoma or New Mexico where it's regulated, because otherwise it's bad news.

"The people who play these devices tend not to be high rollers, these are folks who take their social security checks and blow the whole thing," says Brumley.

No one was arrested today, but the owners and operators could be charged later on. Even players could get a $500 ticket, because Brumley says by now they should know better.