Goodbye Cellulite

Amanda Backensto is thrilled. The cellulite on her thighs is finally disappearing.

She says, "I had a lot of dimpling. It looked kinda' like cottage cheese."

Now her legs are smooth thanks to a breakthrough treatment called acoustic wave lipotherapy

Doctors say Lipotherapy uses radio wave shock therapy to go underneath the skin to separate the fibers from the fat and allow the fat cells to become more uniform underneath your skin."

Studies suggest one reason cellulite occurs is because the connective tissues that support fat cells in the skin harden and contract.

Lipotherapy shock waves reach deep into the fat layer to break up the tissue and smooth out the skin.

One of the most interesting side effects doctors found, after doing these treatments, was that a lot of people as they were losing the cellulite, they reported loss of inches.

"We don't exactly know why that is happening, but we think because of the compacting of the fat, everything becomes a lot firmer so you may lose some inches as well."

Amanda says she's tried other cellulite treatments.

But this is the only one that's both painless and effective.

She says, "It was really simple. I did about 9 or 10 treatments and my cellulite is completely gone. I have legs like a 20-year-old's."

Each session takes five to 30 minutes and costs 100 to 150-dollars.

Eventually you could start waving your cellulite goodbye.