Gas Station Alert

A Shell station in Amarillo is fooling a lot of people into thinking they are getting a sweet deal on gas.

The pumps advertise $2.10 a gallon, which is a hard price to pass up.

But when no gas comes out, drivers fear they could be passing out their account numbers.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live from the gas station off Coulter with more from one woman who wants others to learn from her mistake.

We've been at this gas station for most of today and hundreds of people have tried to get gas although the station has been closed for 2 months. One woman who didn't want to appear on camera, says getting the word out is the only way to stop it.

She swiped her card, entered her pin. But Laurie started to worry when nothing came out.

"I was very concerned, I didn't want to leave the gas station with it saying authorizing when if I leave it could approve it and the next person could come up and get gas," says Laurie.

We found she isn't the only one who still thinks the store is in business. One man even tried to go inside the store for a coke. Somehow whoever closed down the station in January, left the pumps on, and now drivers are worried their credit card information could fall into the wrong hands.

"Identity theft is so prevalent out there you don't know what will happen, it's easily accessible, your first thought is, is there someone who previously worked here who has access to the machines you don't know that," says Laurie.

Police say that's highly unlikely.

"There is always the possibility that someone is able to get info or storing stuff. As far as we can tell there is no connection between the pump and a server anywhere, it's like the card is trying to find the server, and finally disconnects it," says Corporal Jerry Neufeld at the Amarillo Police Dept.

Laurie didn't want to take any chances, so she froze her debit card account to be sure. We were able to get in touch with a dallas man who leased the property last. He told us it was not his responsibility to shut off the pumps. We couldn't reach the owner of the property.