Lake Meredith Water Levels Lowering

The water levels at Lake Meredith continue to drop.  In fact, if the lake drops just one more inch it will break the current record low.   

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente researched the lake's water levels and shares what she discovered.  

Right now the water levels are dropping daily, which concerns lake officials and could affect your summer trips to Lake Meredith.   

"Well currently the lake is at 54.05 feet which is about six feet lower than last year," says Jimmy Muncy, Lake Meredith Official.  "It's a real concern.  As the lake levels come down it becomes more hazardous out in the lake. Sand bars, old trees, rocks...everything under the sun is out there literally," he adds.

Not only hazardous for those who go to the lake, but also for those who work there. 

"It worries us because we don't have a map; we don't know what's out there, and we just want people to be careful and not get into any of that stuff," says Muncy.

If the lake levels continue to drop, which Muncy expects they will, some boat ramps could be closed.  Right now, the current record low is at 53.66 feet which was set back in August 2006. 

"I'm shocked by how low it is.  When I came down here in 1999 there was twenty-five more feet of water than there is now," adds Muncy.  "However, there is a silver lining," he says. "When lake was 85-90 feet one of the biggest complaints [I heard] was that there was no beach access. But now for instance, there are several sandy beaches and fishing.   Even though the water is going down, it's not all bad."

NewsChannel 10 also checked out some other local lake levels.  Lake Greenbelt near Clarendon has around fifty-six feet of water; that's up two feet from December.  While Lake Mackenzie beats the two lake levels with more than seventy-eight feet.