Herbicide Class Action Lawsuit

More than 62 million dollars will be distributed to farmers nationwide, and if you use herbicide on your crops some of that prize could be yours.

After a ten year legal battle, a group of farmers proved the BASF company was fraudulently marketing the same herbicide as different products...at different prices.   
According to the group's attorney, BASF saw there would be competition in the soybean herbicide market, and decided to market another herbicide to those farmers, but it was in fact the same product at a cheaper price.

The herbicides were marketed as POAST and POAST plus. The US Supreme Court awarded a settlement of over 62.5 million dollars to plaintiff's that will step forward in this case. 
Potter County Extension Agent Leon Church says its a scheme he's seen before. "Sometimes producers can be caught in a trap in that they are told a product will do the same it will act the same...as another product but then its much cheaper but then doesn't pull through 

The group's attorney says "minor crop" farmers would be the most affected, growers of crops like sugarbeets, sunflowers and potatoes. 
If you bought POAST or POAST plus between 1992 and 1996 you may be eligible for part of this settlement.

For more information on how to apply before the May 16th deadline call 1-800-678-9587 or visit the group's website at www.poastclassaction.com.