Search & Rescue Dogs

All week long Newschannel 10 told you abut a 12 year old boy scout from North Carolina who went missing in the wilderness Saturday but is now home safely.  Rescue crews brought in specially trained dogs, one of them located the boy by his scent.   Newschannel 10 looked into one of the local groups which also trains search and rescue dogs.   These dogs could help save your life if you are lost. We spoke with volunteer members with True North K-9 Search and Rescue.

Those involved say not only can they find missing people but if someone is a victim of a crime and law enforcement needs help finding a body, then the dogs can help find it.  They can usually find it whether it's in plane site, buried, or in water.  Volunteers with True North say a dog is a great tool to have because they do things humans can not.  Their smell power is very strong.  They tell us that when people smell something like bread, we just smell bread, but a dog can smell the ingredients in the bread.

The group says they train dogs about once a week and are ready if area law enforcement calls upon them.  When they train the dogs they use different scents, say find, and the dogs take off nose to the ground.  When they find the item they stop, lay down, and bark.  This way the trainers know the dog found something.  The group says they always need more volunteers and dogs.  If you would like to contact them or have questions click on get more.