Poison Prevention Week

Michelle Reed takes extra steps to keep her children safe
Michelle Reed takes extra steps to keep her children safe

In a matter of seconds, your child could get ahold of dangerous products found right in your home.
  As part of Poison Prevention Week, one local mother shares her story with NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente about her encounter with the dangers of poison.

  Household products or medicine can easily be mistaken by a child for candy or food.
   So the Reed family has always been very careful to make sure these items are put away, especially after a close call with some medications. 
   Michelle Reed has three daughters under the age of nine and has taken extra steps to keep them safe.  
   "We keep our cleaning supplies in this cabinet, this side locks, here's our cleaning supplies, fertilizer down here," says Michelle Reed.

  The Reeds also keep their medicine up high where their children cannot reach and also have the Poison Control Center number on their refrigerator which has come in handy in the past.
  Michelle gave her daughter some medicine before checking with her husband.
   Soon after he gave their daughter another dose.
   "Petrified, what have I done, where are going to have to go, am I doing the right thing, but people at Poison Control are wonderful, reassuring that nothing was going to happen to her or anything like that," says Reed.
   Their daughter was ok but the close call did startle them.

   "You think just a simple mistake, we didn't double check with one another could have cost our child her life.Nothing I think would worse than losing a child and that's why you can never be too cautious even as busy as life is," says Reed.
  The Reeds suggest all families keep the Poison Control Number handy with a magnet on your fridge or programming it in your cell.
   Here is that number in case you do not have it yet---1-800-222-1222.