Bus Drivers Train to Spot Terrorists

Area school bus drivers are now tracking a parents worst nightmare.

While they're driving kids to and from school...

They're also looking out for terrorists who may target their bus.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin is digging into this story for you...

We uncovered school districts like Canyon actually trains its drivers to spot terrorists all on their own.

Alvin Howard drives 50 kids to and from school everyday.

"I know the names of all of them," he says.

His eyes are constantly pealed for the unknown.

That includes spotting terrorists, drivers are now trained on how to recognize unusual behavior and how to report it.

Thanks to the "School Bus Watch Program" launched by Homeland Security.

"It's a safety and security awareness program that helps drivers better observe be alert and respond to different things they might encounter while out on their route in the community," says Kirk Self, Director of Transportation.

Canyon ISD jumped on board this school year...

Offering a course to every new driver.

"It's kinda one of those things that you hate to think about but at the same time you have to be aware of ... we know what's usually there and what's not usually there ... safety's gotta be the number one priority," says Howard.

And with 2,000 kids taking buses in this district everyday... it is.

Borger ISD is also involved in the program...

As well as Durham School Services to some extent... which runs buses in Amarillo.