Investigative Report: Attacked In Amarillo

She says she was driving down Washington Street in Amarillo on Thanksgiving day when she saw police lights come on behind her. She pulled over into a parking lot and expected it to be a police officer. But it wasn't a police officer at all.... It turned out to be a rapist.

Despite being in this country illegally, a woman we'll call Betty, did what any of us would do... She pulled over. Betty says at that moment she was afraid of being deported. She told him she didn't have any documents. He then told her to get out of the car.

She says she was never handcuffed..and was placed in the back of the vehicle...then told to lie face down....and from this parking lot he started driving for an undetermined amount of time. After the assault betty says he drove her back to her car.

He threatened to harm her and her family if she said anything. Betty went to her car...and saw him leave towards I-40. Betty attempted to take her own life by taking 30 pills two days after the assault. Police learned about the sexual assault when she received medical treatment

Much to Betty's relief, police told her the crime against her was a priority.... Not her legal status.

Because she is willing to cooperate in the case she says she has been given an extension on her legal status until June. The suspect in the case is described as a white male, clean shaven, about 6 foot, medium build wearing glasses and a black ballcap. She says he also had a tongue ring.

She describes the vehicle as a white S-U-V with dark lines on the sides...with no back seats and a cage dividing the front seat from the back. Police tell us they're working on a sketch of the suspect and as soon as that's released we'll bring it to you.