Carolina Street Shooting Update: Jonathan McSmith's family speaks out

Paul Boone, Jonathan's Step Father
Paul Boone, Jonathan's Step Father

An Amarillo teenager has died after being shot in the head almost a week ago.
17-year-old Jonathan McSmith passed away Sunday evening.

An autopsy in Lubbock has been ordered. 17-year-old Jeromy Bristow, who police say is responsible for the shooting, remains in the Potter County Detention Center on a $50,000 bond and now could face murder charges when the case is presented to a Potter County Grand Jury.

The shooting happened at this house on Carolina Street last Tuesday night. The family of Jonathan McSmith must now prepare for his funeral as well as his biological father's. We uncovered family ties between Jonathan and 45-year-old Randy McSmith, a Potter County inmate.

He died two weeks ago from injuries he reportedly sustained while in police custody.   NewsChannel 10's Felicia lafuente spoke with the family today. Shocked, upset, confused, This family has dealt with all these emotions in just a short period of time. They never thought they would be in this position.

As soon as Jonathan McSmith's family heard he had been shot, they rushed to his side in the hospital, praying he would recover. "We never got to talk to him at but I know he heard what we was telling him," says Paul Boone, Jonathan's Step Father.

After being in the hospital for almost a week, Jonathan passed away Sunday evening.
  "Seventeen years old is not alot for anyone, I'm 45 years old and I feel like I still have a lot of living to do and he didn't get a chance to live, he never had a chance to live. I've loved that boy so much, it's just that this is something I've never dreamed I would have to go through to bury your children, that's not the way it's supposed to be, they're supposed to put me in the ground," says Boone.

Jonathan's step father also spoke with us about the charges against Jeromy
Bristo and how they feel about the shooting. We'll bring you his response tonight on Nightcast.
uneral for Jonathan McSmith will be this Saturday and the family is asking for your help.

A Jonathan Henry McSmith fund  has been set up at Amarillo National Bank to help out with the funeral expenses. You can stop by any ANB branch and donate to the fund.