Driveway Scam Artist is out on the roads

Now is the time of year many people begin to re-pave their driveways, but someone is out there trying to scam you, and the Amarillo Police want you to be on the look out.   
   Police say the suspect is a white male with an Irish accent, driving a new white ford 4x4 pickup.
    Witnesses say the car has Texas license plates 90L LB5.
     He is known to have targeted homes and businesses in the Hollywood Road area, offering to pave their driveways and then not following through with the deal.

We know the scam artist is still in our area, Newschannel10's Tina Berasley spoke with a witness who had a run-in with the suspect just hours ago.

This is in fact the second year in a row the same suspect tried to run this scam, and here's more on why it's a crime. 
  One woman who did not want to be identified says she knew something was wrong the moment she saw the suspect's face. "He came to the door and didn't give a name or where he was from, but he said 'I see that your parking lot needs to be paved,  I'd like to give you a price on paving your parking lot' and I said 'that wont be necessary'. I don't think he recognized me but he had approached me...the year before, so I went and called the Crime Prevention Unit at the Amarillo city police and spoke with an officer".
      The Amarillo Police Department says several people in the Hollywood road area fell victim to the scammer last spring and even though no contract was signed, the suspect's actions are still a crime.
Sgt. Randy TenBrink said "If he just comes and says 'I'm gonna build a road for you for a thousand dollars' and then 'I'll be back with my equipment 'and then takes your money and leaves, that's theft. If he comes and uses materials that are way substandard from what he actually advertises, then its fraud".
    The suspect has given witnesses estimates as high as 25 thousand dollars, but then negotiates for a lower price.
    And although police say it may be should be wary. Sgt. TenBrink added "Never give money up front. Not for any kind of service in Amarillo. Call the Better Business Bureau,  and if it looks too good to be true, its a scam".