Skin Cancer Cream

We've all heard about the dangers of being in the sun too long, but what do you do if you get skin cancer?

Noelle Gardner tells us about a new cream may help in the fight.

Sun tanning can give you a "healthy" look.

"I did spend way too much time out in the sun, you know, working on a tan."

But John Jensen knows the consequences of that golden glow.

"I've had probably 100 squamous cell taken off by, in the last 10 or 15 years."

Since he has a history of skin cancer, biopsies and dermotologist visits are a regular part of his life.

But researchers at the arizona cancer center hope to change that.

"We're actually looking for changes within the skin that we can identify when individuals apply this drug."

Doctor Clara Curiel is conducting a study of a new skin cancer prevention cream.

A topical cream, perillyl alcohol, or POH, is being tested in the study.

"We found that when we applied the poh we can actually prevent the development or decrease the number of skin cancers that we can see."

These kind of results can change the lives of people like john.

"If it really can reduce or reverse sun damage and, and reduce the possibility of sun, of skin cancer, obviously it'll keep me out of the dermatologist office.and that'll be a good thing."

Doctor Curiel is hopeful that POH will help those with skin cancer and possibly one day, those with melanoma.

"I think with melanoma, I think it would be an interesting angle to look at it because that has the highest mortality rate from all skin cancers and if this drug happen to slow down the progression you know to melanoma, that would be significant."

A significant finding for everyone who loves the sun.