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Trans Oral Laser Surgery

    Surgery for head and neck cancer can silence the patient's voice. There's a way to remove tumors and it has patients talking. "This is about as good as you're gonna' get on this TV." that was the only other option if this happened four years ago, that was still standard procedure."        

"This is about as good as you're gonna' get on this tv."

Charlie Osborne is grateful technology's improved over the years.

But he never appreciated it more than during his recent battle with throat cancer.

"They would have had to cut out my voice box. That was the only other option.

If this happened four years ago, that was still standard procedure." He had a tumor in his neck the size of a golf ball.

Typically, doctors would perform radical surgery to remove it.

"He would have had a tracheotomy, at least temporarily, an opening in the neck.and he probably would have ended up having a feeding tube in his stomach because he was having so much trouble with his swallowing."

Instead, doctor lango used a minimally invasive procedure called transoral laser surgery." We can access tumors not through the neck, but actually through the mouth."

The carbon dioxide laser is an intense beam of energy that cuts and seals the tissue simultaneously.

"You are able to cut very precisely without having blood in your field.

So you can really distinguish between normal tissue and tumor tissue."

Because the laser is less invasive, patients have a lower risk of infection and a faster recovery.

"Patients have much less trouble with swallowing and with speech.

Often times the speech is almost normal after the surgery."

Doctor Lango used the laser to cut away as much of charlie's tumor as she could. Chemotherapy and radiation took care of the rest.

"I feel great. I put my weight back on, some weight back on and things seem to be going pretty well."

Now in fine voice, he's on the road to recovery.

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