March Madness Profits Area Businesses

It's every sports fans dream... hour after hour of college basketball, and you'll see it all on NewsChannel 10.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on how local businesses are banking on the madness.

It's a full house here at Hummer's Sports Cafe where college hoops fans will be a permanent fixture throughout the tournament. They'll watch their teams duke it out on the court, as the dollars roll in.

"As soon as March Madness starts everyone comes to watch basketball, it brings a lot of business I love it," says Chelsea Doss, a waitress at Hummer's.

This year March Madness comes with an added bonus - spring break. That means more customers throughout the day. Like these WTAMU students, who would be in class any other week.

"This is one of the most exciting months of the year, because there are so many games, it started at 10 this morning and you can watch it all day long, it's awesome it's like a 12-hour super bowl," says Michael Davis.

We met up with some of the 30 million people nationwide who fill out brackets - and end up following their teams while eating out.

"This is a huge money maker, any restaurant you serve alcohol there will be people coming in just to watch the game and have drinks, it's a huge moneymaker," says Davis.

"So far today I've dont prety good, I've only had 2 teams fall out compared to everyone else it's good. It's always fun to have rivalries between your friends or someone else," says Jennilee Jackson.

And the rivalries are just beginning as the first round of the tourney is underway. Hummers hopes that means a steady profit for the next two weeks.