Fired NM federal prosecutor seeks exoneration

He's one of eight top lawyers fired amid national controversy, and the ex-US Attorney from New Mexico is still not satisfied with Washington's effort to make amends. David Iglesias and seven other US Attorneys have lost their jobs for allegedly not following white house orders.

Today Iglesias tells NewsChannel 10 US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales did the right thing taking responsibility for management blunders this week, but that's still not enough.   "I'm glad he admitted that mistakes were made, I have to agree with that, but what we want out of this, what the eight members, former US Attorneys want out of this is an apology and thanks for a job well done because they stated in front of Congress that we were poor performers, when they knew or they should have known that was not the case," says Iglesias.

He notes he lost his job for not prosecuting fraud allegations against Democrats fast enough.  While some Democratic senators have called for Gonzales to step down, he says he will keep his job unless the president asks him to resign.