"Code Red" drill a success

It's a new warning system that aims to save lives in an emergency, and it will soon be up and running across Hutchinson County. 

     The emergency could be anything from an industrial accident to severe weather, and now Hutchinson County says its better prepared to help keep neighbors safe. 
      Before the "Code Red" emergency system can be used to warn people in Hutchinson County, law enforcement and emergency personal were taught just how to program it. Today they got a first hand look at how the system works

    Borger city officials set up a demonstration list of all the cell phones in the city council room and a test message to simulate an emergency.
    We put our Newschannel Ten cell phone on the call list and within seconds our phone rang. 
Emergency Management Coordinator Daany Richards said "We were amazed at how fast the telephgones actaully got calls. Through our engineering study we found out that it could call everyone in the city of Borger within five minutes".

   In a real emergency, the message would state the details of what's happening in the selected neighborhoods.
    The system will call all registered home numbers and cell phones as well as unlisted numbers. 
     Cindy Nickell is with the Hutchinson County Red Cross. She added "The 'Code Red' System is a great system. It's part of the preparedness and people being forewarned and knowing what to do and what's happening".

    Stinnett Fire Chief Alan Walls said "I think the biggest thing will be in severe weather season we're coming into that. We'll be able to use it and we have a lot of residences around our city and we'll be able to notify them in areas that sirens don't actually cover". 
   Right now, the phone system can call everyone in the city od Borger.   Officials say by the end of next week the whole county will be able to ge the potentially life saving phone calls.