Carolina Street Shooting

One Amarillo teenager is in critical condition, another is behind bars. It was just before eight Tuesday evening when police received a call about a shooting at this house. When they arrived, they found 17-year-old Jonathan McSmith shot in the head. A couple of hours later, police were able to find this suspect, 17-year-old Jeromy Bristow. He is now in the Potter County Detention Center charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. "The motive or theories behind it, there are several of them that have been set out. I don't know which one may or may have not occurred we're still trying to figure out what exactly occurred. The only thing i'm fairly positive of is Jeremy Bristow shot Jonathan McSmith,"says Lt. Gary trupe with apd's special crimes unit.

The Amarillo Police Special Crimes Unit is investigating the case. We spoke with one man who was there when the shooting happened. NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente has the exlusive interview. The shooting shocked the whole neighborhood, especially the man who lives in the house where the shooting occurred ands says the two involved were friends. This man wishes to not show his face. He lives in the house where the shooting occurred and saw the tragic event. "It was just me and my friends. We were all sitting in the living room and my friend Jeromy and Jonathan got up and took off to my son's room and I followed them in there. Jeromy was playing with the gun and then Jonathan was saying you won't shoot me, you won't shoot me," says Larry Hattig.

That's when he says Jeromy shot Jonathan in the head. "He was shocked and didn't know want to say and he just took off," says Hattig. But police caught him a few hours later and arrested him for aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. Larry says the gun belonged to Jeromy. 
"It was just weird because it could have been me or somebody else in that situation. I'm just never allowing that stuff in my house again," says Hattig. Larry says they have all been friends since the fifth grade and believes it was an accident. At this time, police have not confirmed that. We spoke with Larry just a few minutes ago and he tells us Jonathan is still in critical condition and they have been told if he survives he will be paralyzed for the rest his life.

When we heard the name Jonathan McSmith, it sounded familiar so we did some digging and found out there's more tragedy to this name. Jonathan is the son of 45-year-old Randy Lee McSmith. Randy, a Potter County jail inmate, died two weeks ago from injuries he reportedly sustained while in police custody.   Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is still investigating this case.