Despite State Titles, Nazareth Struggling Financially

Keith Langfitt, Nazareth ISD Superintendent
Keith Langfitt, Nazareth ISD Superintendent

Nearly 60 state championships.

Exemplary academics.

A school district that just beams with pride.

You'd think Nazareth I.S.D. has everything...

But without such overwhelming support from the community...the district might not get by.

356 people live in this town and there's no doubt each one of them supports this district.

There is also no doubt it needs that support to survive.

Swift Success.

"18 state girls basketball championships... five boys."

"Academic... ten titles."

"25 state tennis."

And honor fills the halls but financial frustrations are often filling the staff here with worry.

"It's a real tight budget," says Keith Langfitt, Nazareth Superintendent.

"We have to be frugal with our money and not overspend," says Brenda Schulte, a coach and teacher.

Because last year they did.

The district ran a deficit budget and are not working to build back its reserves...

But with nowhere to cut a no tax base its tough and the community here seems to understand that.

"They're behind us 100 percent," says Matt Burkenfeld, a senior.

Holding fundraiser's and dishing out dough.

"We' just got a little over $1,800 in donations," says Langfitt.

Support that is much appreciated.

And whether or not the state sits up and listens.

"I'd like schools to get more money," says Langfitt.

This district won't quit.

After all they are full of champions.

"We do with what we have, we don't need a lot of money to be successful," says Burkenfeld.

Each year the district gets about 1.6 million from the state.

It's already working to figure out how to use the money next year.