Assisted Living Funds

Some local senior citizens in assisted living may have to find a new home or lose their home.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente explains.

Several residents at Conner House assisted living in Canyon are on the Community Based Alternative Program or CBA which is funded by the state to help with the cost of assisted living.

In the last few weeks, they have been told the facility will no longer accept CBA residents meaning they will have to move unless they can afford the private cost.

We spoke with a resident and her daughter who are trying to fight this decision.

"She has found a home here and that's what I want her to continue to have her home here. When I take her out to run errands, she's always ready to come home," says Marie Winders whose mother lives at Conner House.

They were told the company that owns Conner House made the decision to stop taking CBA residents.

They say it's because the state is requiring younger people and those with drug related pasts to be allowed on the CBA program and they do not feel it's a good idea to mix that group with senior citizens.

Winders and concerned others spoke with the CEO of the company this afternoon.

Winders called our station and told us the CEO has not changed her mind about accepting CBA residents.

They must now look at other options for where her mother will live.