Kidnapped Baby Found: Hear From the Officer Who Found Her

It was a team effort by the Clovis Police Department to find the missing infant, but one cop took the extra step to make sure the baby was found safe.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente sat down and spoke with that officer and has his more on heroic efforts.  Here is her report.

In his nine years as a police officer, Paul Crowe, says he has never experienced something as incredible as finding this missing baby, Mychael.

As soon as the Amber Alert information was given to him, he immediately became glued to this case.

Crowe says: "All I could think about was this brand new mother and her baby.  I kept having this vision of me holding my daughter when she was born, and having that stripped away from me.  It would be just so devastating."

A tip from the Lubbock Police Department pinpointed a Clovis neighborhood where the baby and suspect could be.

That's when Crowe began knocking on doors and waking up people trying to find any information he could.

"I made the decision even if it was on my own time I wasn't leaving because I knew I was getting close and I was going to keep going, going, going, until hopefully the baby was safe," says Crowe.

Shortly after midnight the baby was found and a suspect was caught.

"Talk about watching a bunch of grown men cry. There were high fives all around.   It's what I got into law enforcement for; this is one of the signature days in my career.  I'll never forget this.  [It's one of the] best events and I'm privileged be a part of it in my life," says Crowe.

Crowe credits the community of Clovis for helping with information and also the Amber Alert system.

He also told us he did get a chance to visit the baby this morning before she was taken home to Lubbock.