Missing Baby Found: Hear from Clovis Chief of Police

A four day old baby girl is back in her mother's arms Sunday night after being swiped from a hospital room in Lubbock. Mychael Darthard-Dowadu was found early Sunday morning at a residence in Clovis after police were tipped off to her whereabouts.

Rayshaun Parson, 21, of Clovis is currently behind bars in Curry County charged with kidnapping and also for being a fugitive from justice.

This is the second kidnapping in less than two months where the missing child has been found in Clovis, NM.

Clovis Chief of Police, Dan Blair, says: "Both [missing children] were resolved in a good, positive outcome; both were found in good condition. We don't know why they show up in Clovis, but investigations in that will help out in any way."