Shelter Faces Shutdown

The Oaks of Mamre homeless shelter in Guymon may soon have to shutdown after helping people get back on their feet for more than 10 years.
      Newschannel10's Tina Berasley brings us an inside look at the effort to keep it open. 

   Just this week the board of directors for the shelter realized if they don't get help, they can only keep their doors open for three short months. 
The shelter's Board President says "Well its an older building so expenses run high on utilities for one thing, we also have the insurance, and the smoke alarm systems in place it's real close to 3 thousand dollars".

The Oaks of Mamre has been fortunate enough to get donations in the past helping them to house hundreds of people including Seaboard factory workers desperate for a place to stay.
    They hope to offer the same lodging to the employees of the Smithfield packing plant, scheduled to open in Hooker.
Rothschopf added "If its a young family they can get a start and save some money because deposits are expensive and they can stay here for up to 90 days".
   For some the shelter has served as a temporary home for just a few weeks, and for others who stay indefinitely.
     Those people are the real reason why the board continues to fight to keep the shelter open.
Juanita Vargas is the shelter's manager. She says "People are sometimes down on their last luck and they have nowhere to go so they come ehre and we treat them like everybody else, which to a certain degree some of them don't feel like people even care to give them anymore chances, and thats what we've done".

Pastor Leon Lothman added "I think back over the people I've dealt with individually...I see them in the community, I see them in my church and I see the good that this place has done".
    The shelter is accepting donations, for more information on how to help call the shelter at (405) 338-5087.