Canyon ISD needs 30 million for overcrowded schools

30 million dollars, that's what Canyon school district officials say they need to expand their overcrowded schools, and they are going to ask you to foot-the-bill.
        Newschannel10's tina berasley tells us what exactly the proposed bond of 30.5 million dollars will be spent on, tocover two major projects in Canyon ISD.
    Starting next year, every high school student in Texas will have to take 4 years of science...and Randall high school's labs simply can't handle all those students.
Lesli Laughter is the Assisstant Superintendent of Administration for Canyon ISD. She said
"If we were to put the requirement into place now we would have 330 more students that would need to be in science so if we only have 3 periods where the labs are not in use we just don't have the space to accommodate that new requirement".
    they hope to use 1.3 million dollars of the bond to add 2 new labs to the school. 
For the children living in the thousands of new homes like this one being built in southwest Amarillo, the majority of the bond will go towards building two entirely new elementary schools. 
   Right now close to 15 hundred children attend the elementary schools in southwest Amarillo, but it's still not enough.
  The board hopes this bond will cover growth in the next 10-20 years, if it is passed.
Superintendent Mike Wartes speculated "We'd have to develop another plan, our goal is to provide for our students and we're gonna have to have additional space of some kind in that area.
   This type of growth is not a new thing for canyon. Wartes says they have had 4 bond issues to build schools since 1982. 
The issue will be on the ballot on May 12th.