Amarillo Zoo Make-over

The Amarillo Zoo is maximizing the zoo experience.

You will no longer need to pack your own lunch for a day at the park.

Noelle gardner tells us about the make-over.

The amarillo zoo is revamping with new exhibits and a concession area and that means a place to sit, eat and relax while enjoying the animals zoo-goers are excited about the changes.

Lisa Mendez says, "It will even be better because we can't even bring food in so it's easier to come and get something to eat."

The cats have a new space to sprawl out....and relax.

Zoo curators say the cats like it.. "I'm assuming they like it.. Just fine everyone seems very content they come in the building without any problems. They are comfortable in there and enjoy eating their food."

They are building it up.. hoping you'll come.

This summer, they're unveiling a new exhibit .. Featuring reptiles from all over the world.

Reptile lovers are excited!

The Mendez family loves reptiles, "I'm ready for the reptiles, I have one so it sounds pretty awesome."

"We enjoy coming to the zoo to see what ever new animals they do have you just never know what they are going to have.. I just visit with them."

The amarillo zoo hopes the expansion means more visitors.