Storm Shelter Testing

This week is severe weather awareness week, so many of you may have things like storm shelters on your mind.   A lot of the research done to build strong storm shelters you use comes from Texas.  The Wind Science and Engineering Research Center in Lubbock has a debris impact test facility. Many shelters you may buy were first tested here.  The goal is to save lives.

When tornados, hurricanes, or other severe weather hits, it throws debris all over.  That debris can hit your shelter and you want to know you're protected and your shelter is strong enough to withstand those powerful blows.   They use a special machine to test just that.  Researchers put items such as long pieces of wood or pipes in the machine and then use air pressure to throw it out at 100 miles an hour.  The object hits that reinforced wall which is what a shelter would be made of.

Those involved tell Newschannel 10 they hope to continue advancing their research and help more people in the future.   They also remind people for severe weather to have a plan.  Know where shelters are or stay in a small room away from doors and windows.