People with Mobility issues now have rides at their fingertips

People with limited mobility in Amarillo now have a safer way to get around, and its right at their fingertips.
     Newschannel10's Tina Berasley joins us live in the studio with the details on that story.
    The census bureau says one in five americans are disabled, and those who live here in Amarillo face challenges getting from place to place everyday.
   Now, one taxi company hopes to fix that problem with new vehicles available at a moment's notice. 
   Matthew Coker uses a wheelchair and takes advantage of Amarillo's Spec-trans service, a city bus that requires him to call ahead.
    He says the whole process has its drawbacks. "Having to call within 24 hours to book a ride or something...and having to wait around for them".
   Now, for the first time in Amarillo specially equipped taxi vans will be able to shuttle people in wheelchairs back and forth without an appointment.
     The yellow cab company now offers the rides in three specially equipped vans. Owner Mike Yazbeck says "We invested in these taxis because we found that there's a need for mobility challenged people to have immediate access to transportation...its not a choice, its not a matter of wanting to invest in it we were going to invest in it and this has placed itself in our laps overnight so that's great".
     They bought the vans used from a taxi company in Austin, and are proud to be the only taxi service to offer the help to those in need.
   Doug Hammet helps people with mobility issues like Matthew and is glad there is another option available. He added "This allows an individual to get in more and get independently to go where they want to go whether it the movies, whether its the doctors it allows them to live, to live independent lives".
   Amarillo's Spec-trans service may require you to call ahead but it cost only a dollar fifty. 
The yellow cab company begins its fares at two dollars.