Sex Offender Ordinance Gets Public Hearing

Schools-Restricted Zones
Schools-Restricted Zones

The campaign to keep kids safe from sexual predators continues in Borger, and people had the chance to speak out about the new proposed ordinance.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley was there and brings us the story.

Instead of just voting on a measure to tighten the rules governing sex offenders in Borger, the city council opened-up the idea to the people it serves.

Charlene Flanagan owns a business just up the block from City Hall and went to the meeting to learn more. She said "About ten people called me and asked me if I was going and I said 'Sure'...I always try to go when there's something important and this is very important".

Mayor Pro Tem Garrett Spradling added "We're but five minds up on the City Council and were talking about a measure that is fairly drastic in nature effecting a lot of different people".

If approved the measure would tighten restrictions on sex offenders already in place by the state but some say the measure could go even further.

Under the new law registered sex offenders - even those who have fufilled their probation - can't live or spend time within 500 feet of places where children play or go to school,

but offenders who already live in borger will not have to move.

Parent and School Board Member Robert Bradley wants to see the rules extended even further. He said "Everybody don't try to do wrong, some people try to do the right thing its just one of those things, but still we need to protect...our community our children, our schools and all of these things".

The Borger City Council plans to vote on the ordinance at their next meeting. If approved it could go into effect in April.