Warrant Round-Up Figures

The warrant round-up continues and today NewsChannel 10 has new numbers.  Thousands of warrants have been cleared, but there are still more.

Police are still knocking on doors trying to catch those who have not paid up.  Amarillo police officers and Randall County Sherriff's Office made more than thirty arrests on Monday when the round up began.

Almost two weeks ago when the warrant round-up was first announced, there were more than 36,000 warrants between the city of Amarill, Randall County Sheriff's Office, and WTAMU.

Here are the numbers of total warrants cleared so far: In the city of Amarillo, more than 2,000 warrants, which adds up to $564,762 in fines have been taked off the books.  For Randall County, more than 500 warrants have been cleared totalling $128,910.