WT Students Ready For Spring Break

Midterms at West Texas A&M University are wrapping up and students are gearing-up for spring break.

It's a time most often associated with partying...

And as NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin tells us that's why educators are providing its students with the right tools so safety doesn't take a back seat during vacation.

"I'm headed to Mexico."

"I also probably go skiing with my family."

"South padre island."

Before the sand, sun, and partying...

WT is arming its students with the facts during this safety fair.

For starters, practice safe sex.

"They're getting people acquainted and bringing it to the forefront and brining it to peoples minds about STD's," says Sally Palitza, a WTAMU Senior.

One way its doing that is by showcasing these sheets.

The idea is the more signatures on this bed the more all of these people are putting themselves at risk.

"They just don't think about the consequences afterwards," says Kelsey Bratcher, Peers Education Advisor.

That's why WT wants you to think about it now.

That also includes drug and alcohol abuse...

"You need to be careful how much you drink and know your limit," says Deetress Peoples, a WTAMU Sophomore.

"Get a cab ride home. Don't be alone if you're going to go out with friends come home with their friends," Bratcher.

All tips to take into consideration, so you can have a good time during your time off....

And come back safe and ready to hit the books again.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," says Peoples.

"You want to remember that spring break and you want to remember that it was a good time with your friends," says Bratcher.