NewsChannel 10 Investigates Lock-Bumping

With the turn of a key your front door is locked.

Feel pretty safe right?

Maybe you won't after you see what we uncovered.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin has more on a trick criminals are using to break into homes.  Here is her report.

Your door can most likely be unlocked with lock-bumping.

It's a technique that involves a special key that's perfectly legal to buy and it basically picks any lock.

Some Amarillo residents react: "It's real scary," and "I'm worried."

NewsChannel 10 tested it and so did local volunteers, and we discovered, it works.

One volunteer says: "I mean I just did it accidentally."

"My 5 year old learned how to do it in 5 minutes," says Gabrielle Stanhope, a mother.

"It takes a special key and then after that, the other tools are pretty basic," says Steve Stanhope, owner of Alpha Lock & Safe Co.

"I assume someone would have to break a window to get in, obviously not," says Norma Fischer, an Amarillo Resident.

"There's no physical damage to the lock...there's no visible signs that they were even there," Stanhope says.

This lack of physical damages makes it difficult to find out how thieves even got into your home.

"It certainly changes the way I look at our safety," says Fischer.

And it should for you too.

Advice: Invest in high security locks or electronic ones.  They may be a little pricey, but afterall. we are talking about your safety and property, and that's really the key.

"It'd be worth it," says Jackie Anderson, an Amarillo Resident.

NewsChannel 10 contacted police about lock-bumping.

They didn't want to participate.

But they do tell us they haven't heard of any cases involving the technique.