A Holocaust Survivor Remembers

His past is filled with pain, hatred, and death... But today is about forgiveness.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg sat down with Holocaust survivor Peter Loth. 

Loth was born in Stuttof, a concentration camp in Poland in the early forties. After the liberation, he was taken to a similar camp in Russia, until he was reunited with his mother at the age of 16 and came to America.

The memory of life in those camps is burned in his heart.  "We were prosecuted, raped, beaten, I saw children executed, not just Germans but the Jewish kids were executed by the Russians as well," says Peter Loth.   

Peter Loth is one of few Holocaust survivors willing to speak of the horrors he experienced. He says he's they only one of 50,000 children taken to this camp who survived.

Today he is trying to put those monstrosities behind him and preach forgiveness.

"The deep wounds are inside, when I speak and show the horror pictures, I start forgiving.  Why I do what I do, because it heals me as well," says Loth. 

Without it, he wouldn't be able to go on. "I'd be like the others a vegetable, I couldn't survive because the pain is too great."

He travels all over the world to share his message as living proof of the holocaust, and that people can learn to forgive each other.  "The can love one another, embrace one another, and set differences aside and embrace one another with love and kindness," says Loth.

Loth is speaking again Saturday night about his experiences... He will be at the Holiday Inn off I-40 and Ross at 7 o'clock if you would like to attend.