More Trouble for Embattled Youth Commission

A bill filed today aims to place the Texas Youth Commission into a conservatorship immediately. 

Officials sponsoring the bill say this move would help the conservator address the sex abuse allegations at the Texas Youth Center facility in Pyote, instead of waiting for Governor Rick Perry to take action. 

An internal investigation in 2005 found that many prison staffers complained about the sexual abuse at the facility for more than a year, but no one in charge did anything to stop it.

In fact, neither of the accused predators,  Ray Brookins, former assistant superintendent at Pyote, and John Paul Hernandez, former principal, were disciplined or fired.

On Wedsday Governor Perry appointed a new chairman for the school, amid demands from Leituenant Governor David Dewhurst that the school be closed.

Texas Rangers have confirmed over 100 instances of under age boys being sexually abused by staffers at the facility.

Today during debates about the allegations at the Pyote facility, Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, alluded to more accusations of abuse at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Facility in Brownwood where three underage girls are said to have been abused at the hands of a guard. Hinojosa says no action has been taken against the accused guard at the Jackson facility.

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