Red Bull Sues Bars For Serving Cheaper Brand

(CBS) ROCHESTER, N.Y. An energy drink maker is suing a Rochester, N.Y., bar owner, saying his bartenders are passing off Mad Croc as Red Bull, reports CBS station WCBS-TV in New York.

In a federal lawsuit, Red Bull representatives say bar magnate Ronnie Davis and several taverns he operates are secretly serving customers the cheaper brand when they order Red Bull.

Red Bull claims passing off a lesser brand hurts its trademark, deceives the public and creates unfair competition. It asks for an injunction to stop the practice.

Davis called the lawsuit "frivolous."

Red Bull is a caffeinated drink marketed to combat mental and physical fatigue. It can be mixed with alcohol to create cocktails. A Red Bull and vodka is known as an "Eyeopener" or a "Dagger," while a mixture of vodka, cranberry juice and Red Bull is called a "VCR."

Red Bull has filed several similar lawsuits against bar owners in New York City, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Iowa City.