Panhandle Horse Rescue

A local woman loves horses so much, she created her own horse rescue program.  Terri Gammage created Panhandle Safe Haven Equine Rescue or PSHER.  She takes in horses, donkeys, and mules that were either neglected, abused, or abandoned. She helps get them healthy again and then adopts them out to loving people.  But one her horses, Angel Wings, needs some extra help.

Angel has a tumor on one of her ovary's and needs an expensive surgery or they will have to be put her down.   Gammage says any donations people could give would help them tremendously.   She says her program is strictly run by volunteers and donations.  She says she does it because she loves it.

If you would like to donate there area several options.  You can call Terri Gammage at (806)681-5161 or mail a check or money order to 1809 Plateau,  Amarillo, TX 79106, or you can use the horse rescue website and pay through their pay-pal.  All donations are tax deductible.