Texas May Extend 'Deadly Force'

Protecting your family from intruders inside your home with deadly force was always covered under Texas law...but now the penal code may extend to cover other places and crimes. 

Under House Bill 284 you may be able to use that "deadly force" to protect yourself inside your car or office as well. 

Current law also says that deadly force be allowed only in certain crimes...the new bill widens those conditions.

It also says that civil suits against the victim of the crime who used deadly force would be more difficult to take to court.

The law is only meant to apply to someone whose life is in danger...and would not protect for example someone who witnesses a crime on the street.

Jeff Lester of the APD says;  "Under the new law it seems to remove that identifying their intent and just saying they're there illegally and you must be fearful and you could use deadly force to protect yourself without having to evaluate the criminal's intent at your home. "

The bill has already passed through both committees in both chambers...and lawmakers hope it will hit both the full House and Senate in the next month.