Lawmakers Look to Limit Taser Use in Texas

Texas lawmakers are now considering four bills which would restrict the use of tasers. 

Three of the bills are sponsored by Representative Lon Burnam of Fort Worth, another by Garnet Coleman of Houston.

If approved they would require a statewide training program and a licensing process for citizens.

One of those bills, HB 418,would limit the use of tasers by law enforcement to only situations where deadly force is justified.

Police unions are against the Bill, which they say would make their jobs more difficult, and actually lead to more deaths.

The bills are expected to go before the law enforcement committee during this legislative session.

What they would do:

House Bill 1933 by Burnam would require every Texas law enforcement agency to develop a policy for stun-gun use.

House Bill 1934 by Burnam would direct the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education to create a statewide training program for the weapons' use by officers.

House Bill 1935 by Burnam would prohibit civilians from carrying a stun gun without a license and training.

House Bill 1936 by Burnam would require police to summon medical help for anyone they use a stun gun on.

House Bill 1304 by Coleman would place a one-year moratorium on police use of the shock weapons.