St. Mary's Fire Investigation Underway

Investigators continue to search for the reason behind the fire at Saint Mary's Catholic Church. 

Today, investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms, and the Amarillo Fire Department continue to dig through the debris in the church.

According to Amarillo police,  ATF is commonly called out to investigate fires of this size.

However, high winds may slow down the investigation.

However, workers were able to take out the floor of the gym...which will be used as a temporary sanctuary.

Church staffer Dottie Lopez says,  "It looks like they're doing a fast job of getting it out there and we hope for is to get it dry enough and get in there and have our church service starting Saturday at 5:30."

Lopez says if the gym is not ready by Saturday.

They will put some chairs in the parking lot and have mass outside.