St. Mary's Parish Looks to Future

The investigation into the devastating fire at the sanctuary at Saint Mary's church is heating up this evening.

Firefighters are pumping water out... sifting through debris... and interviewing people to get to the bottom of the cause of this blaze.

It was early Monday morning when flames engulfed the sanctuary.

Damage is estimated in the millions.

Tomorrow state and federal agencies will arrive to join in on the probe.

School is back in session...

People at the church back at work...

Despite this devastating scene, everyone is remaining united.

Fire tape lining the sanctuary where so many band together...

Onlookers taking pictures of the tragic scene.

A day later it's sinking in.

"Today its more of a reality," says Dottie Lopez.

Dottie Lopez works here.

Her son the first ever baptized at this sanctuary.

You could say this is her second home.

She like others is full of faith.

"We'll build another building," says Lopez.

And for the one that still stands here...

A ray of hope shining through the ashes...

Precious momentos are popping up...

Some of the treasures to this church that were saved the vestments the priests wear as well as communion bowls, and the five bells that once rang atop the sanctuary.

"We do have a future and its a bright future," Darla Mueller.

The school also adjusting one day later.

The kids are getting a better understanding of the fire.

The lesson:

Things happen for a reason...

This community will be okay.

"Our church is strong I just can't tell you how strong it is, the people in it will ban together and you'll just be amazed at what we'll come up with it will be just as fantastic we'll stay strong and we'll grow," says Lopez.

Crews are working to rip up and fix the gym floor in hopes of holding weekend services here.

Meantime, morning masses are continuing in the chapel.