City Updating Flood Maps

Snow, wind, rain... and it won't be long until we get hit with thunderstorms. But, now you can see what to expect if there is flooding in Amarillo. 

Today, the city released the updated preliminary flood insurance rate maps for Potter and Randall counties.

Residents and businesses will be able to have up-to-date information about their flood risk on a property by property basis. 

City Engineer Mike Smith says the updated information is long overdue' "It has been so long since the maps were updated, it gives them not only information about their property but if they're interested in the rest of the city they can look at what all has changed, as far as special flood hazards."

Five public meetings will take place to give people a chance to view the maps and ask questions. 

The first meeting will be on Thursday night at 7:00 at City Hall.

For a list of all the meeting dates and to take a look at those maps, go to the city's website at

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