Warrant Round-Up

Lines of people are filling up Amarillo' s Municipal Court building every day-since police announced a warrant round-up last week.

The numbers are climbing, and so far, Randall County Sheriff's office, more than two hundred warrants have been taken care of.

Which adds up to more than 65-thousand dollars.

For the City of Amarillo, they have cleared 715 warrants totaling more than 200-thousand dollars.

Court Clerk Victoria Medley says she thinks the roundup has been a success.

"I think the message really got out and the city did take the extra step to send out notices of warrants and really try and work with the public in complying with the warrants with our hours being eight to eight, we're just really trying to keep it open to the public so they can come in at their convenience to take care of it."
Medley says they have been extremely busy with people coming in to pay off their fines. But there are still thousands of warrants that need to be cleared. 

Those with outstanding warrants have until March 3rd to pay their fines.

Then officers from Randall County Sheriff's office, Amarillo Police, and West Texas A&M University police will find and arrest you.   

If you're still wondering if you have a warrant, you can see the lists here: