Efforts to Oust "Shameful" D.A. Go to Washington

Clay Ballman
Clay Ballman


That's the word some residents of Hutchinson County use to describe their District Attorney... So they are increasing their efforts to get him out of office.

And now Glenn Baxter and Betty Holland are turning to the federal government in hopes of getting that done. 

Ballman was convicted of DWI in July of 2005  following a hit and run incident in Borger after he hit a car driven by Holland's teenage daughter.

Glen Baxter is the author of a book and web blog about the incident.

Then in June of the following year Ballman was accused of public intoxication following an incident in the parking lot of the Stinnett County courthouse where Ballman and another attorney where found drinking in the parking lot by a jail employee.

Ballman was never reprimanded for the incident.

Now, Holland and Baxter are upset that Ballman was not removed from office as the law states he should have been.

Holland doesn't like the impression this incident leaves on area kids.

"If the District Attorney can go drink and run over people what can the kids do, I don't like the signal it's giving to the kids, and I'm from Borger and I hear what the kids say.

Holland is also upset that Ballman was never charged with the hit and run, and her daughter was never called as a witness in Ballman's trial.

And she isn't the only one, she started a petition to remove Ballman from office, and received more than 800 signatures.

That petition is stalled in the court system in Odessa, which Baxter says is suspicious.

"We think it shows up as more corruption, part of the good 'ol boy system in Hutchinson County, where the written law isn't followed but whatever the people in power think they can get by with," says Baxter.

She and Baxter are now taking their complaints to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. after being told by the Texas Attorney General's office they have no jurisdiction over the D.A. 

NewsChannel 10 did reach Ballman today for a statement, but he offered no comment.

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