Tumbleweed Terror! Residents Worried about Fires

Tumbleweed trouble!

Our fierce weekend wind storm blew in tons of the sticky weeds all over the city...

And now people on the north side are worried all the mess could lead to something worse... fires.

It's scenes like this that have residents frightened a blaze could spark...

And they want the city to do something about it quick.

"To me this is a disaster," says Betty Winston.

Residents dealing with the aftermath of our wild wind.

Tumbleweeds... smothering backyards... alleyways... and lining the streets.

The eyesore... isn't the only problem.

"All we need is somebody to be careless and we're gonna have a fire here in this community and its going to jump from place to place because we have a host on the ground," says Fransetta Crow.

"That's my first thought fire hazard," says Wintson.

Now here's a great example of exactly what residents are talking about. If there was a fire here and the only way the homeowner could get out was by going through this back gate... as you can see these tumbleweeds would make it very difficult to escape.

"It needs to be addressed and taken a little more seriously," says Crow.

NewsChannel 10 went to the city with their concerns.

"There is an issue and we want to try to pick them up as soon as we can," says Michael Rice, Director of Public Works.

And crews are out picking up and smashing up the weeds.

But... there is a problem...

"We don't have people and personnel set aside for this task," says Rice.

"They go halfway up the alley and they're stopping and we're still here with tumbleweeds," says Winston.

"We are pulling people off of other crews and are sending them to the different areas of town ... we'll do the best we can with the limited amount and people and trucks available," says Rice.

4But their best may not fast enough for these residents...

With more winds forecasted to blow in...

They are simply worried about mother nature's wicked wrath.

"We've got to get it cleaned up," says Crow.

City crews will be out here working to clean-up as long as it takes...

They urge residents to continue to help...

And haul the weeds to the landfill if you can.