Seliger Seeking Longer Sentences for Child Abusers

Child abusers spend little time behind bars in Texas...but one area Senator is trying to change that.

State Senator, Kel Seliger has filed a bill to ensure those who commit violent crimes against children stay behind bars until they serve a greater portion of their sentence.

Lawmakers say, even though 'Injury to a Child' is a 1st degree felony, these offenders still serve little actual jail time under the current classification in the Texas penal code.

Senate Bill 877 would classify the offense of "Injury to a Child" as a 3(g) offense under Section 44.12(3)g of the Texas Penal Code. This classification is for the most violent offenses and requires that an offender serve half of the sentence or thirty years, whichever is less, before becoming parole eligible.

Seliger says judges should have greater discretion in getting maximum sentences in cases where children are victimized.

-Keran Krane, NewsChannel 10