Piercing Plumper

Wearing pierced earrings can become a bit of a challenge as we age because the earlobes start to stretch.

Noelle Gardner explains how one doctor has found a unique way to pump the piercing back up - without surgery.

Paula Ingoldsby is plumping up her ears, "I don't like the way that my ears look when I put earrings in them.

She says, "They're heavy, they hang down. If they're heavy they're really hanging down. They're not full enough."

Most women will tell that the tiny holes designed to hoist up our earrings can stretch out.

Doctor Allan Wulc says, "Ears do have a tendency to shrivel as you get older for whatever reason. Procedures like facelifts and probably talking on the phone or sleeping on the ear can result in a crease."

Doctor Allan Wulc is a highly regarded facial plastic surgeon who is becoming known for his creative use of the popular filler restylane.

He says, "Initially, jokingly I said to a patient, a woman patient, not that elderly, in her 50s, we could put some in your earlobe and it was a joke, but she said, that would be great!"

Doctor Wulc only does ears as an "add-on" procedure, but people are calling from all over the country to get this simple fix.

He says, "it's a short minimum discomfort kind of procedure with instantaneous results and minimal bruising."

Here's Paula's ear lobe before... And after.

Wulc and Paula "look at that." "those diamonds are really going to shine."

Another happy customer.