St. Mary's Church Destroyed by Fire

To many it's a part of their lives... A  place full of memories....a second home.... But a tragic event put those things on hold. St. Mary's church in Amarillo caught fire today and left nothing behind except the church bells.

NewsChannel 10's Jennifer Best followed this story since it broke early this morning.....

She has reaction from church members. 

An early morning tragedy brought tears to many eyes. The sight of St. Mary's church up in flames.

The church's pastor, Mosignor Waldo lives near by and says he heard sirens around 4:00 am. 

"I found my shoes and pants got dressed quickly and brought the keys over. "

When he arrived it was mostly smoke.......but then the flames erupted.

Grief, just begins to describe his feelings........and yet he's staying  positive. 

"Our faith community has been here a long time our school goes back to 1913 the original building and we will rebuild and have services this Sunday if I pitch a tent."

Waldow was not the only person watching as a special part of their lives disappeared.

Vanessa Rauscher is the church's music director, and she and her husband were married in the church 22 years ago. 

"I was in total shock I just remember saying oh my God oh my God."

Many people came by to see what happened and support each other.

To those who attend St. Mary's ...a bit of history is gone. 

"This is a very special church family very special. "

"It's a tragic loss lose the sanctuary but we are the church and we are the body of Christ and we'll be fine because we love one another and we will rebuild."

While tears may be down many faces a hug went a long way... towards a different path, a fresh start, and a new beginning.