Banishing Breakouts

Every teenager has battled a pimple or two and some teens get acne much worse than others.

Noelle Gardner takes a look at what teens can do to save their skin.

The bumps and break-outs of acne are so common, they're considered a normal part of growing up.

It's a myth that you can say that I went all through school and never had acne.

Everyone has whiteheads and they just don't notice it.

But that doesn't make it any easier to face.

"When you wake up in the morning, it's like sad like cause you see another one there. And not everybody at school has it, so you kind of feel like out of it."

Doctor Robert Buka says, "If your mother or father had acne, you'd be more prone to having acne as well."

"You start with the over-the- counter, salicylic acid products or the over-the-counter benzoperoxide products or a combination of the cleansers and the leave-on products and if you're clearing up with that regimen, you're fine."

But if drugstore treatments don't work in a couple of months, see a doctor.

Doctors say stay away from home remedies such as toothpaste and vinegar.

Don't pay as much attention to over washing.

Don't pay as much attention to diet, because those are really not contributing factors to acne."

A doctor can treat acne with prescription medicines, stronger creams and cleansers, even oral antibiotics that kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Doctor Miriam Cummings says, "Nothing's scarring.

17-year-old Freddie doesn't consistently use his medicine, but after three years, he's seeing improvement. He says, "it's just got better and better over the years."

For, 13-year-old Nicole, getting a handle on her acne has been a long, frustrating struggle.

Nicole D'Ambrosio "I hope that, like, it all will be gone one day. I hope maybe when I'm a little older."

Doctors say don't just ignore it, and if you are feeling emotional and depressed, talk about it.

Talk about it to your mom, talk about it to your friends, don't hold it all in.

There's no guarantee of perfect skin but with all the choices in treatment, there's breakout help for everyone.