Wild Wind

Wild wind blew through the panhandle today.

From homes to businesses... double-digit gusts wreaked havoc in a lot of areas.

Tonight NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin takes us through the aftermath of today's wintry wallop.

Shingles off roofs, power lines bent, and even signs twisted and turned....

"Our canopy I think is fixin to fall sooner or later. And the sign out here is leaning, it was straight and now its just turned a different direction."

The wind ripped through the area leaving just a path of destruction behind, like this tree that landed on a truck parked near by...

"I looked out and was like oh my god. Its the worst thing that ever happened to me I think."

The wind even ripped the roof right off this house, now all that here is the wood frame...

It also left the entire town of sunray, among others, without power...

"My fiance and I were watching a movie then... (shrug) then everything went off"

Its not just local power outages or loose shingles, the wind is also affecting local business's as well

"Because of the wind and electricity going out, we shut it down, and we've lost a lot of business today because of it."

Stone also tells us that the store had no back up power supply and they are just hoping that what food they have will be ok until the power returns.