AHS Reacts to Weapons Arrest

Police say a quick thinking student helped prevent a potentially dangerous situation at Amarillo High School today.    

Police found a shot gun, ammunition and other weapons inside a car parked near the campus. 
A teenager is behind bars accused of bringing the weapons too close to the school. 
  NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg went to AHS to found out how parents and students are reacting. 

A tip into student Crime Stoppers led police to the suspect.

Students and parents we spoke with couldn't believe someone would bring weapons to school.
At first I questioned if it was real, I was surprised wow, I'm shocked," says Bailey McKinney, an Amarillo High School Junior.

"I don't have any sympathy for the kid, because he knew, a person has to be responsible for what they do," says Todd Karnes, who lives nearby.

Police and the school district plan to make 17-year-old Terrell Slocum responsible for what he did if their investigations determine he broke the rules.

He faces up to a year in jail, a $4,000 fine and possible explusion from school.
"There will be a hearing all the facts and the investigation will be presented, the appropriate action will take place," says Becky McIlraith, spokeswoman with the Amarillo Independent School District.

Slocum is charged for bringing weapons within 300 feet of the school - he was pulled out of class to be arrested.

Police say this mornings incident may have stemmed from Thursday night.
 "There was a confrontation with another students the night before, it's scary the weapons were near school and people think we have to take care of problems this way," says Cpl. Brian Thomas with Amarillo Police.

We spoke with a student who says he knows Slocum.
"I'm not surprised knowing Terrell, he grew up in a tough environment, things happen," says Johnathon Mayfield, and Amarillo High School Junior.