Trial Delayed for Brothers Accused of Murder

A Clovis murder trial is delayed. 

Posecutors say three men... 21-year-old Demetrio Salas...and his brother, 22-year-old Edward Salas....and 30-year-old David Griego... Killed a ten-year-old Covis boy while he slept in his bed.

State district judge Joe Parker granted a defense motion for a 30-day extension...pushing the start of the trial into April. 

Gunshots broke out September 15...2005 and Carlos Perez was hit in the head with a bullet.

Several gunshots had been fired through Perez's window.

This is the second delay for the trial which was origianally scheduled for December of '05.

  Accused Child Killer Still at Large
Clovis police are still searching for a man they say was involved in the shooting death of a 10-year-old boy. Investigators have been searching for 27-year old Noe Torres since the shooting happened in September of 2005. Officers believed Torres originally fled to Mexico but has now returned....
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Wanted Child Killer Spotted in Clovis
A man wanted for the shooting death of a nine year old boy has been sighted in the Clovis area. 27-year old Noe Torres is wanted for the September 2005 murder of 9-year old Carlos Perez who was shot in the head while he slept. Investigators believed Torres fled to Mexico but now reports are...
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  Clovis Bedroom Shooting Trial Moved
A trial for three men accused of killing a ten year old boy while he slept at his Clovis home will be held out of Curry County. State District Judge Joe Parker granted a defense motion for a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity. He's considering Lea County for the March trial. Two...
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  Update: Accused Child Killer Stabs Fellow Inmate
Covenant Hospital in Lubbock has upgraded the condition of stabbed Curry County inmate London Word from Critical to Stable. Officials have arrested and charged fellow inmate Demetrio Salas for the stabbing. Guards say Word was stabbed multiple times around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon. Law...
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  5th Suspect Indicted for Murder of Clovis Boy
A Curry County grand jury has indicted a man on charges of accessory to murder. 30 year old David Griego was indicted on the charge in connection with the September 2005 shooting of 10-year old Carlos Perez. Police say Perez was sleeping in a room with his brother when several shots were...
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Clovis Trial Delayed
A trial is postponed for three Clovis brothers police say killed a ten year old boy. Authorities say the boy was shot in the head while he was asleep in his bed in September. The trial of 15 year old Orlando Salas, 19 year old Demitrio Salas, and 21 year old Edward Salas was scheduled for next...
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