Matt Martindale of Cooder Graw Back in Law & New Band

A Pampa native who helped start the Texas Country band Cooder Graw is back in Amarillo. Matt Martindale's story is very interesting. He's gone from Assistant District Attorney with Gray County, to the Cooder Graw Band, and now back into law.  Plus he's with a new band. Martindale says Cooder Graw was an amazing experience for him but they had to call it quits.

Martindale says he really wanted to come home and spend more time with his family.  He says being a good parent is very important to him.  But music is still on his mind.  That's why he started the Matt Martindale Band with two of his brother in laws and some of their friends. Martindale says they just clicked.

While he's excited for a new chapter in his life, he'll always miss parts of Cooder Graw.   Things like his fellow band member, the fans, and all the people they met along the way.   Martindale says he's working on some great new songs with the new band.  They have  several shows coming up in the next few months.